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System and method of delivering radiation therapy to a moving region of interest. System and method of detecting a breathing phase of a patient receiving radiation therapy. AUA1 en. Radiation therapy imaging and delivery utilizing coordinated motion of gantry and couch. WOA1 en. Real-time dose reconstruction using dynamic simulation and image guided adaptive radiotherapy. EPA3 en. Vorrichtung, Verfahren sowie Computerprogrammprodukt zur Erstellung einer Bestrahlungsplanung. Real-time, packet-level quality assurance of electromechanical device control data.

System and method for optimization of a radiation therapy plan in the presence of motion. Treatment plan evaluation in radiotherapy by stochastic analysis of delineation uncertainty. System and method for motion adaptive optimization for radiation therapy delivery. Matching a resonant frequency of a resonant cavity to a frequency of an input voltage.

Method and device for image guided dynamic radiation treatment of prostate cancer and other pelvic lesions. Method and system for real-time DMLC-based target tracking with optimal motion compensating leaf adaptation. Water equivalent depth measurement for providing a continuous calibration range based on discrete measurements.

Integration of user inputs and correction of deformation vector field in deformable image registration workflow.

Real-time image guidance during beam delivery

WOA2 en. CNB zh.

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TWA en. CNA zh. USB1 en.

Radiation Therapy on the Road

EST3 es. FRB1 fr. Emetteur-recepteur a polarisations circulaires pour l'imagerie par resonance magnetique. Method and apparatus for controlling and monitoring position of radiation treatment system. Method to select radiation dosage for tumor treatment based on cellular imaging. Method for the continuous removal of a specific antibody from the lymph fluid in animals and humans. USA en. Methods and apparatus for augmentation of the production of anti-bodies in animals and humans and the collection thereof. GBA en.

Removal of spectral artifacts and utilization of spectral effects in computerized tomography. DEC2 pt. Charged particle beam apparatus and method utilizing liquid metal field ionization source and asymmetric three element lens system.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Covalently bonded high refractive index particle reagents and their use in light scattering immunoassays. NLA nl. High refractive index haloalkyl-functional shell-core polymers and their use in light scattering immunoassays. JPHB2 pt. Linear particle accelerator with seal structure between electrodes and insulators. Apparatus and method for therapeutically irradiating a chosen area using a diagnostic computer tomography scanner.

System and method for scheduling and reporting patient related services including prioritizing services. CAA1 en. AUB2 en. Differential surface composition analysis by multiple-voltage electron beam X-ray spectroscopy. Cementitious materials for use in packaging containers and their methods of manufacture. Food and beverage containers made from inorganic aggregates and polysaccharide, protein, or synthetic organic binders, and the methods of manufacturing such containers.

Method for the treatment of gastric acid-related diseases and production of medication using - enantiomer of omeprazole. Method for extracting charged particle beam and small-sized accelerator for charged particle beam. DET2 de. Radiation therapy and radiation surgery treatment system and methods of use of same. FIA0 fi.

Komposition innehaollande staerkelseacetat med varierande egenskaper, foerfarande foer dess framstaellning och anvaendning. Radiotherapy apparatus equipped with low dose localizing and portal imaging X-ray source. Radon gas measurement apparatus having alpha particle-detecting photovoltaic photodiode surrounded by porous pressed metal daughter filter electrically charged as PO ion accelerator.

Microwave power control apparatus for linear accelerator using hybrid junctions. Electromagnetic radiation shielding arrangement and method for radiation therapy patients. Method and apparatus for calibration of radiation therapy equipment and verification of radiation treatment. Apparatus and method for delivering radiation to an object and for displaying delivered radiation.

HF sustained, DC discharge driven negative ion source with automatic control system.

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  • Christopher Serago, Ph. Erik J. Tryggestad, Ph. Beltran, Chris J. Brinkmann, Debra H. Foote, Robert L. Garces, Yolanda I. Herman, Michael G. Laack, Nadia N.

    Radiation Therapy | Imaging Technology News

    Pisansky, Thomas M. Sarkaria, Jann N. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. About Care at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. References Gunderson LL, et al. Intensity-modulated and image-guided radiation therapy.

    In: Clinical Radiation Oncology. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Elsevier; Accessed Oct. Jaffray DA. Image-guided radiotherapy: From current concept to future perspectives.

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      American College of Radiology. Fong de los Santos LE expert opinion.