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  1. Did the First World War Christmas truce football match really happen?
  2. The Fantasy Football Adventure where YOU are the Hero
  3. University of Central Lancashire
  4. German TV terror drama asks public to deliver verdict - BBC News

The ground breaking research is to be completed by Easter and will be published in the International Journal of the History of Sport. He can be contacted on or emailed at: icadams uclan. Repository Staff Only: item control page.

Did the First World War Christmas truce football match really happen?

Student Staff. Abstract A football match like no other, said to have occurred on the bloody battlefields of Flanders during WWl, is the subject of a new research project by lain Adams, Principal Lecturer in Outdoor Education at the University of Central Lancashire. Summary Table. Malgosia Bagot.

The Fantasy Football Adventure where YOU are the Hero

The stereotype: Gesticulating prima donnas who worship at the altar of the beautiful game and fly into the air screaming and clutching at their limbs at the slightest tap. The stereotype: A bunch of teutonic robots who play unsexy but merciless and efficient football in rigid formations, and always seem to make at least the semi-finals of everything. They never crack under pressure, suffer injuries, or have major disciplinary issues. The reality: Germany is actually a very exciting and young team to watch that plays some very fun football, and for all their prowess, they have never won the World Cup as a unified country West Germany lifted the last trophy in Weirdly good at producing internationally renowned goalies.

University of Central Lancashire

Some combination featuring stripes? The reality: America is unfortunately in a deadly group but still pose a real threat to Germany, Portugal and Ghana nonetheless, especially since coach Klinsmann has somehow managed to stack his bench with scary young German-Americans like Julian Green and Jermaine Jones. Tough defense, good on the counter-attack, very fit, maybe not as tactically expert. The U. The stereotype: Faded giants, long trumpeted to be the kings of the last 15 years or so, now a bunch of aging role-players who try to feed the ball to superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who can create chances out of nothing with his absurd and frustratingly brilliant ball-handling.

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The reality: Again, group of death. But Portugal is always outfitted to surprise. If Ronaldo is at full health, they can never be counted out, and if they can fight their way out of evil Group G, then maybe they can make a run at something. Wait, can you tell this is being written by an England fan? They also have, on paper, a really easy Group F that they can just barrel through Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They will look to score a lot of goals, since all their best talent is up front.

But with an even more in-his-prime Messi in , Argentina crashed out to Germany in the quarter-finals, , after facing little opposition before then. The stereotype: The surprise team of the World Cup who reached the second round with victories over the Czechs and the United States before nobly falling to Brazil.

They improved in , beating Serbia and knocking out the US in the second round, before tragically losing to Uruguay on penalties in the quarter-finals. Can they be the first African team to make the semi-finals this year? Still, Asamoah Gyan remains a goal-scoring machine and these guys love beating the United States, so that should be a grudge match this year.

German TV terror drama asks public to deliver verdict - BBC News

The stereotype: Giants of Asian football, Japan is always followed by a devoted and teeming mass of fans but never manage to do much better than an exit at the round of Undone by true playmakers or international superstars. Much of their squad plays abroad, not just as international curiosities signed to sell t-shirts to Japanese fans, but as integral parts of their teams.

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Striker Shinji Okazaki is doing especially well in Germany. They also play some of the most exciting, up-tempo football of the tournament, with only three defenders.

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  • The reality: Also fast, also super-skilled on the counter, and also in a pretty easy group H, with Belgium, Russia and Algeria that they could escape from. Also weak defensively, so they will need to score to keep up.