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She'll make you take her to the club, but then she leaves with her friends She likes to stay late at the party cause the fun never ends And all her clothes are on the floor, and all your records are scratched She's like a one-way ticket cause you can't come back. Sayin' yeah, and you want her But she's so mean You'll never let her go, why don't you let her go?

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Yeah, and you want her But she's so mean You'll never let her go, why don't you let her go? You kn-kn-know that if you don't shut your mouth She'll freak out You better get your shit together Cause she's bringing you down, now Yeah, boy, you better, you better. I really like her books. Anyway, the book itself was enjoyable. This book managed to ramp up the drama without being ridiculous, and I actually enjoyed seeing everything come together.

I really felt for Ally, and I liked how strong she was. Even though lots of bad stuff ha Yet another excellent ya contemporary from Kieran Scott. Even though lots of bad stuff happened to her, she was always there with a witty comeback.

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  8. I liked Jake as well, and I was rooting for the two of them. I read Harry Potter after all the seven books had been released long since. I read Twilight when the first movie had been released for six months. I always thought that seeing these stereotypical rich kids act like the arrogant dimwits they are would be VERY annoying and boring and infuriating.

    Well, actually, it turned out to be pretty fantastic and very guilty-pleasure-y, too. That being said, dude, Kieran Scott can SO spin together a fantastic plot. All in all, a fun, relaxing read that definitely had me wanting more. Oh, did I mention the cliffhanger at the end? View all 5 comments. I slid my hand away and we got back to work, but I felt as if my whole body was on high alert. There was no getting around it anymore.

    I was falling for this girl. Shock horror, I should be hanging my head in shame! I can't believe I'd never heard of it before and th "Suddenly my palms were sweating under my gloves. I can't believe I'd never heard of it before and there was me thinking I was pretty up to date with the YA contemporary romance series and really, I wasn't. Kieran Scott delivers an awesome story that is full of teenage drama and angst that really everyone should read. If that's not convinced you to read it, how about me saying You know I love that and yes, it goes from Ally to Jake who are both the main characters and it's amazing.

    Ally: I really liked her. Even though she's had something happen that has effected her life that she wasn't in control of, she tries to remain upbeat and happy. She doesn't hold grudges and when her friends treat her like rubbish, she tries to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm not sure I could do that because she does go through the ringer in this book. I loved how she stood up them but what I enjoyed about her so much was, how she was around Jake. It was clear she was attracted to him and it was nice to see their relationship play out.

    Jake: Awww I loved him and then I hated him and then I loved him again. He's funny, cute and sexy but he is a lad's lad. He sleeps around, he drinks and acts stupid with his friends. I did have mixed feelings with him just because I wish he's stand up his friends who were Ally's ex-friends. They made her life hell and sometimes he'd go with it, even though he was clearly attracted to her.

    She's So High (Tal Bachman song)

    I wish he'd just get some balls and tell them what's what, so I liked it when he finally took charge. The story itself is one hell of a ride. I managed to feel every emotion possible from sadness to joy to love to hate, it's really emotional and at times I felt like throwing it at the wall with frustration but I kept on reading and it really is a good read. And the cliff-hanger at the end Kind of like Gossip Girl in the 'burbs, but less trashy and fun. Horrible rich kids being horrible to the world's most indecisive heroine She [rightfully] hates them!

    Then she wants to be friends with them!

    I Want You (She's So Heavy) (song) - The Paul McCartney Project

    Then they do something awful and she hates them again! Then she still wants to be friends! Lather, rinse, repeat: over, and over, and over, and over, and over Ally's a spineless idiot, basically. A fun, entertaining idiot, to be sure, with moments of clarity and strength, but an idiot no Kind of like Gossip Girl in the 'burbs, but less trashy and fun. A fun, entertaining idiot, to be sure, with moments of clarity and strength, but an idiot nonetheless.

    Her relationship with everyone in the book is frustratingly reminiscent of an abused spouse running back for more. Jake is also a wonderful human being, continuing to consider himself BFFs with a group of proto-sociopaths while they endeavor to ruin his crush's life. One of my big annoyances: the author can't seem to decide exactly how rich these asshats actually ARE. Half the time they feel Gossip Girl-esque, with giant, alcohol-fueled parties in the city. Other times, they just feel rather suburban upper middle class: SUV on the kid's 16th, granite counter tops, a media room.

    And why are all these fabulously wealthy kids going to school with all the lower class people in town even before the story starts? Shouldn't they be at some exclusive private academy? Or, are they? It never really felt like they were. This is not to say I won't continue to read this nonsense. This is a fantastically trashy quick read, even if my eyes did threaten to roll permanently back into my head from time to time. Dec 31, Myndi rated it really liked it.

    This book sort of reminded me of Mean Girls, only instead of being homeschooled, the girl being picked on used to be popular. Through very little fault of her own, all her friends are now ostracizing her and pulling mean pranks. Girls, and people in general in High School and even more so in Jr. High can be very cruel, and it doesn't take much to end up on the "crap list" so to speak.

    Ally has to deal with suddenly being very unliked, in addition to having all sorts of familial stuff going on. The people she used to be able to count on when things were bad, are the very people adding to the negativity in her life and that's not an easy thing to come to terms with. I like the friends she makes on the "norm" side of things and I only feel bad about the relationship started and ended badly when she was trying to remake herself. I hope that person can forgive her. I also do like Jake. I know he's got his problems, but who among us isn't flawed? I'd like to see him grow as a person and I'd like to see him stand up to his so-called friends.

    I'm looking forward to reading the next two books and more by this author. Jan 10, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , trt-gold-star-award-winner. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo. Over a year ago, her family slipped out at night without telling anyone goodbye.

    Ally's father made a bad investment, and many of the Ryan's' close friends lost money. The Ryans lost everything. Now that Ally and her mom have moved back to Orchard Hill sans her father, Ally innocently assumes her "Crestie" friends will welcome her back with open arms. After all, it was her father that lost their money, not her.

    Her first night back, she takes her bike and rides by her old house. She and her mom are now living in a depressing condo on the "Norm" side of town. When she sees her house, a cute boy calls out to her from her old bedroom window. Who is this boy? She doesn't get his name, but he tells her there's a party at Connor Shale's house the night before school. Just like old times. She talks herself into going, and there she's confronted with her past. Her old friends no longer want anything to do with her.

    They are determined to make her remember that she's no longer a "Crestie" but a "Norm. He's taken her place in her circle of friends. Jake is attracted to Ally but can't admit it to his friends because they've sworn against Ally and all things Ryan. Ally is attracted to Jake. She gets mixed signals from him and can never determine if he likes her or is just being friendly. Jake is a typical boy, and though you may want to hate him for how he sometimes treats Ally, his reactions to peer pressure are typical and expected.

    He tries to do what is right but is squeezed by both parents and friends. From the beginning, you just know that they are going to be a spoiled nasty bunch, but Ally doesn't realize this until after a few harsh encounters. There are a lot of unresolved issues when you reach the final page - there has to be a sequel! Mar 02, Shanyn Chick Loves Lit added it. I was initially pulled in to this book because of the cover - for some reason I like the destroyed pearl necklace.

    The plot also seemed entertaining - a rich girl whose family loses their money, moves out of town, and moves back over a year later hoping to still have her old friends. The beginning of the book was hard for me to get into because it was heavy on internal dialogue from Ally, our main character. Once I started to figure out the plot and keep the characters straight with the help of I was initially pulled in to this book because of the cover - for some reason I like the destroyed pearl necklace. Once I started to figure out the plot and keep the characters straight with the help of Jake, another chapter narrator , I got interested in the story.

    Unfortunately, a few things fell flat with me. The first thing that I noticed that threw me off was how many times one of 'the guys' would reach over and hit another guy in the chest with the back of his hand. Weird for me to notice? I still got a little irritated that it was happening so much that I noticed. I also did not really feel that connected with the story. I had to remind myself that social transformations do not happen instantly in a high school setting, but when I'm reading a book I prefer the plot is based on something or other happening.

    Speaking of social transformations, Jake, who is supposed to be the boy we swoon over, was a jerk one too many times for me. Refusing to take Ally anywhere in public where the Cresties could see them, using her for a make out session. I definitely did not fall for the Jake-Ally romance like I was supposed to. To top it all off, the book ends in a cliffhanger. I felt like someone had ripped the last few chapters of the book out. I'm guessing a sequel is in the works - and I am also guessing that I am going to enjoy the sequel twice as much as this installment because it will have some sort of growth and resolution.

    The bad things aside, I still read the whole book - I am not opposed to not finishing a book if I don't like it. I was expected more than I got in the end, but I don't feel like all hope is lost for the sequel. I found out about this series when I saw the 3rd book advertised thinking it was a standalone. When I found out it was a series I had to get the first one. I absolutely loved this book. It was like a movie playing out in my head all the way through. Ally Ryan is an excellent protagonist, she's just returned home to the 'Crestie' side of town.

    She's an outcast now after her father lost millions of dollars of her friends money. He friends no longer want to speak to her or have anything to do with I found out about this series when I saw the 3rd book advertised thinking it was a standalone. He friends no longer want to speak to her or have anything to do with her. Ally is very strong, she goes through a lot of issues and she handles it very well.

    There's so much emotion, it's such a rollercoaster ride and when Ally is going through all her trouble you really feel for her. You feel immediately connected with her. The book is told through alternative points of view between Ally and Jake. Jake is now living in Ally's old house and has her old room. They both connect with each other through a love of basketball and a week long detention together. Jake is extremely swoonworthy, however his friends are Ally's old friends so Jake is sometimes torn between standing up for what is right with Ally and staying on the side of his friends.

    I did like Jake, but there were times I felt he should have had his priorities straight to begin with. But as the book went on you grow to enjoy their relationship and root for things to go well. But naturally, like in an episode of Gossip Girl I've never seen it I'm just going on word of mouth it doesn't pan out.

    Which brings me to the HUGE cliffhanger at the end of this book, which unless you already have book 2 will leave you reeling! It's lucky I have book 2 because the cliffhanger was intense. This is the first book that I'd read by Kieran Scott and I intend to read more. She's a brilliant story teller and has a knack for clearly writing a book that runs like a movie in your head. And enjoy Feb 27, Sara Grochowski rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. This book, even with its familiar plot, was completely addicting. When I started it, I only planned on reading a couple chapters, but I just couldn't set it aside.

    From the start, the reader knows what's going to happen, but the characters are so engaging that it doesn't seem to matter. The novel is told in alternating chapters by Ally and Jake. I liked Ally right from the start; the reader can see that she's a good person, regardless of her questionable past. Jake, on the other hand, did not imm This book, even with its familiar plot, was completely addicting. Jake, on the other hand, did not immediately gain my favor. Ally might worry about the opinions of her abandoned friends, but Jake is completely ruled by them. He has absolutely no desire to go against the grain, which is monumentally frustrating throughout most of the novel.

    Despite this horrible trait, Jake managed to win me over. I can only attribute this to the realism of his character; many teenage boys would rather follow mutely than rock the boat and, in the end, Jake does do the right thing. He is by no means perfect, but he has grown, which I can appreciate.

    My favorite aspect of the novel was Ally and Jake's relationship. The emotions and little details of their romance were vibrantly written. Kieran Scott perfectly captured the emotions of an all-consuming crush; the kind of crush that leaves you incessantly daydreaming, prone to love struck gazing, and completely frustrated.

    The fact that their relationship is taboo added to the intensity. She's So Dead to Us isn't deep and it doesn't impart any great wisdom to the reader, but it is fun and gave me that fluttery feeling that's only caused when two characters have undeniable chemistry. Nov 29, Anjana rated it really liked it. When having money is all that matters, what happens when you lose it all?

    Ally Ryan used to be rich, at least up till her father made a mistake that almost bankrupted her family as well as her friends'. Unable to face her friends or live the same way again,her family moves out of Orchard Hill The Beverly Hills of New Jersey without even a goodbye only to move back again two years later because her mother got a job at her old high school. Now Ally's forced to deal with the ramifications of her When having money is all that matters, what happens when you lose it all?

    Now Ally's forced to deal with the ramifications of her father's screwup and face the people who were once her 'friends'. Only, nothing's the same. There's parties, alcohol, cliques and extremely good looking teenagers. And there's a hell lot of drama. So if you're a fan of any of these shows, you're gonna like this one.

    Section-by-Section Walkthrough

    May 31, Kelly rated it it was amazing. But the last time she was here, she was rich, her mom and dad were still together and she was in the 'popular' crowd. And the last time she saw her friends, she was leaving town after a faulty investment had her dad losing all of his and all the other families' money. Needless to say, Aly is not received back well. Except Jake He needs to suck it up and make a choice. Either Aly is worth it or she's not.

    Stop playing this tug of war game. And Shannen. Even Faith sucked. And their parents were even worse All in all, a highly entertaining book that kept me turning the pages and reading along. I did enjoy it! Nice and light and fluffy! May 12, Shannon rated it it was ok. Jul 19, Carolyn Carpenter rated it it was amazing.

    It wasn't Ally Ryan's fault her father lost all her friends college trust funds in a risky investment.

    Classic Album: She’s So Unusual – Cyndi Lauper

    It wasn't Ally's fault her parents moved her out of Orchard Hill to Baltimore. But now Ally and her mother are back after her mother found a job at Orchard Hill High. And her friends are not happy about it except for the new boy, Jake Graydon. He doesn't know what her father did, and he can't help but be drawn to her, against his friends better judgment. Told in alternating POV between Ally and It wasn't Ally Ryan's fault her father lost all her friends college trust funds in a risky investment.

    I loved this book. I think it was because it was mostly like gossip, and gossip, no matter how bad it is, is interesting. What I thought was interesting was how similar this book and the movie Mean Girls were. First off, the Cresties were like the Plastics: rich, popular, and mean. Ally was sort-of like the main girl in MG, Cady, except Ally was once friends with the Cresties, and Cady becomes "friends" with the Plastics. Both of them become friends with two social "outcasts" at their school. Only difference: Ally dates her male friend, and Cady's male friend is "too gay to function".

    Ally and Cady both do get the desired guy, at some point during their story. The biggest major difference between the two stories: Ally was a Crestie turned Norm, so all the pranks were on her. Cady became a Plastic but did the pranks on Regina. While reading, I instantly saw the similarities especially since I had watched Mean Girls a few days before starting this book. I definitely recommend this novel. I think it would be a good read for upper middle or lower high school. Like ages , maybe? Nov 29, Fransheska Cantero rated it it was amazing.

    Throughout the book, you get to see her slowly regain all of her friendships that she previously had. I think that many people currently in high school can relate to this book because it shows how friendships are lost, and how boys can be a pain. Dec 01, Galia rated it liked it Shelves: got-it-havent-read-yet.

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