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Where nothing is choreographed or staged. Below are a sample of a few basic bridge training drills. You too, can learn the Mother art of all Bruce Lee's fighting secrets and defend yourself like an expert! Your combat-response training will give you the superior advantage in any assault situation. Our ancient training systems develop "touch see-ing" awareness.

The Six Wing Chun Forms

It is handed down directly from a skilled, and highly trained Kung Fu Sifu to students. Experience the sweet satisfaction of victory over de-humanization and physical abuse. Develop high level defense skills and Bruce Lee- lightning , fast reflexes. So even if you are temporarily blinded, you can still easily, redirect an attacker's assault upon himself!

An afternoon stroll around the park, walking home from school, a shopping mall parking lot, a step inside a public restroom, studying at college campus, all these ordinary activities, can and do suddenly transform into. Learn to protect yourself like an expert, start private defense training today, "If a life is worth having, isn't it worth protecting! Forge yourself in the " Fire of the Wing Chun process" so that in an assault attack, you will transform into "the butcher rather than the meat".

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Training in scientific combat will be the difference! There is no need to be an athlete or in "great shape" in order to be a "formidable combat phenomena. As an unavoidable result One is more humanely defensive against a single attacker, the second, more potentially cruel and pitiless against multiple attackers. The question we have to ask ourselves is In the moment, when it happens , "Will I have immediate life saving defensive skill, or will I be assaulted, perhaps even taken from my family forever?

You could protect them! We can increase the odds in your favor dramatically!

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Learn to be your own body-guard, it's cheaper than hiring one! Wing Chun the Science of Combat: This curriculum is for those rare and special individuals who want to go all the way to the summit of Black Belt Mastery! It awakens and turbo-charges your combat abilities, as its regimen emphasizes the more devastating and lethal aspects of Wing Chun Combat training.

It was formally taught by Grand Master Ip Man to only his most senior and select students. This training enables you male or female to become 2x to 3x more powerful and deadly to any criminal aggressor.

Wong Sifu – A Passion for Wing Chun (Part 1)

Without any warning he'll feel like a rabbit breathlessly paralyzed by a viper bite, a confused split-second later, he'll feel like he's just been hit by a semi-truck! Possibly, waking up later, only to find himself helpless, broken, and handcuffed to a hospital bed. That is of course, assuming he's lucky enough to have found you in a Christian mood, otherwise he'll find himself tied up a while At advanced level you will be trained how to deliver the various types of attack stopping knock downs, and bone-cracking knockouts.

You will be trained to generate explosive internal Chi strike force, ground force, vortex energy force, using these forces to return any attack back to the attacker, and punishing him with his own harmful energy. Y o ur training will make you a very deadly gamble for any rapist or bully. The " living legend", Master Hawkins Cheung , Bruce Lee's great friend and early street fighting companion learned and passed down these same fighting secrets. I am confident I can defend myself now.

Now I don't want anyone to fight me because it wouldn't be fair. I could destroy them! For the simple purpose of establishing context, let's just go with the most popular version of the Wing Chun story. During the reign of Emperor Jiaqing , Kung Fu masters who opposed the Qing Dynasty were hunted down and murdered. One master of Shaolin Kung Fu was Yim Yee, who fled from Quanzhou in Fujian province to take refuge with his family in Liancheng, living as a tofu merchant.

Before they could be married, however, Yim Wing Chun caught the eye of a local warlord. She rebuffed his advances until he made a startling offer: he would rescind his marriage proposal if she could beat him in a fight. Yim Wing Chun agreed, and her father negotiated for training time.

Branches of Wing Chun - Wikipedia

The warlord gave her until the following spring to prepare for the fight, and to become his bride. News of Yim Wing Chun's predicament spread throughout the small village, and soon she was approached by an older woman whom she had befriended at the tofu shop. The woman revealed that her name was Ng Mui and that she was one of the Shaolin Five Elders who had managed to escape the burning of the temple. She knew that the tiny, young Wing Chun was no match for the fierce warlord, but she had a plan.

Ng Mui had been using her time in seclusion to synthesize a new fighting system out of the Snake and Crane styles of Shaolin Kung Fu to better suit a woman or other fighter who did not have the advantage of size and strength. She began to train Wing Chun in this new style, concentrating only on the essential elements that could be absorbed in a few months instead of a few years.

By the time the warlord returned the following spring, Yim Wing Chun was ready. In front of the entire village, she demonstrated a type of Kung Fu that had never been seen before. She used the warlord's mass and strength against him, flowing around his attempts to strike or grab her.

Despite a weight difference of nearly a hundred pounds, she threw her entire bodyweight into specific targets that broke the warlord's balance and left him vulnerable to repeated strikes. When the warlord crumpled unconscious at Wing Chun's feet, a roar went up from the crowd. Yim Wing Chun was able to marry her true love, Leung Bok Chau, and true to the custom of that time, passed on her Kung Fu knowledge to him.

Since many of the villagers had witnessed the power of this new style, Yim Wing Chun and her husband established a secret school to teach those who wanted to learn. Once more they began to teach, but this time the new style had a name: Wing Chun Kung Fu. The oral histories say that the art of Wing Chun was passed first to Leung Lan Kwai, who took over the school in Zhaoqing.

One of the skilled performers was Leung Yee Tei. It turns out that the cook was really the abbot of the ruined Shaolin temple, Chi Shin, who had fled at the same time as Ng Mui and was hiding in disguise. It was Chi Shin that incorporated the techniques of the Six and a Half Point Pole into Wing Chun, and together the three men tested, refined and codified the art into distinct forms and drills.

It is said that Leung Jan grasped the innermost secrets of Wing Chun and was able to attain the highest level of proficiency. As martial arts in general began to become popular once more, many Kung Fu masters came to challenge Leung Jan. According to the histories, Leung Jan was never once defeated, and became very famous.

Chan owned a coin changing stall near Leung's herbal medicine clinic in Foshan, and was known for his powerful strength and intense interest in Kung Fu. Due to Leung Jan's fame, the Qing government sought him out to become head instructor for the military. Chan Wah Shan went in his place, but only served a short time before retiring to open a health clinic. He continued to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu right up to the time of his death. Chan accepted his last student when he was 70 years old: a teenager named Ip Man.

He was just a toddler when the Qing government began to crack, and grew up during the turbulent years of a Chinese war against Japan and the internal Boxer Rebellion.

Wing Chun & the Thai Connection

Fascinated, he begged the master to accept him as a student. Master Chan originally rebuffed him, saying that spoiled rich kids made poor students of Kung Fu. To get rid of Ip Man once and for all, Master Chan said that he required a payment of Tai Yeung silver dollars to become a student. His plan worked, for a while. The following year, Ip Man returned to Master Chan with the requested money.